Hot Blast Furnace

Production Capacity: 1-6t/h
Matching Power: 22kw
Applicable Materials: Poultry manure.

Performance characteristics:
1.Reduce costs, use bituminous coal as fuel, and the black bottom of the smoke is lower than "Lingeman 1".
2.The heat supply is stable and the yield of compound fertilizer is increased.
3.Solve the problem of moisture and agglomeration of compound fertilizer.
4.High-end auxiliary machine accessories.

Working principle:
The chain-row energy-saving hot blast stove is a new type of energy-efficient hot blast stove. The furnace is provided with energy-saving front and rear arches, and a cyclone combustion chamber is arranged at the rear of the furnace to ensure sufficient combustion of the fuel and low heat loss. The principle is that the coal is sent into the furnace through the grate, the wind blows the wind, passes through the coal seam, and is fully combusted with the coal on the chain to generate high-temperature flue gas. The high-temperature flame enters the secondary combustion chamber and the cyclone burn-out chamber is burned again to make the hot air The furnace blackness is lower than the "Lingeman 1". The chain-row energy-saving hot blast stove has stable heat supply, high degree of automation, high efficiency, environmental protection, safety and reliability.

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